Knit Two Together

My reaction to the news of the Grenfell Tower fire earlier in the month was, like so many others, shock, then heart-ache, then the desire to do something positive. To try and let those affected know that they are cared about, somehow. Donating money for support is the first obvious (and obviously useful) reaction, but I wonder if the reason that lots of people instead chose to find actual, practical, real things to send- clothes, toiletries, baby equipment and so on- was because they wanted to make a more human, personal gesture. Certainly that was how I felt when I saw the Knit for Peace appeal for knitted items to donate to Grenfell Tower survivors, so this weekend I cast on some simple baby hats to make a start.

Grenfell Tower knitting

Then today, fellow blogger Of Blithe Spirit contacted me to say that she was planning a blog about free patterns suitable for those knitting for the Knit for Peace appeal. Did I have any that might be suitable? I wasn’t sure if anything in my Ravelry shop would suit, but then I remembered the Snug as a Bug baby set I had published in Knit Now #56. Consisting of a pram kick bag (please note that this is not designed for, and should not be used as, a baby sleeping bag, only as an alternative to a blanket in a pram or buggy), hat and baby blanket, the whole set can be knitted up from a single gigantic (and inexpensive) ball of Wendy Aran with wool, with yarn to spare. The skills required are pretty basic, so it could easily be attempted by a confident beginner.

I’m putting the pattern here on my blog as I haven’t had time to format or photograph it as I normally would for my published patterns. Therefore if you use it and find any errors, please accept my apologies and drop me a line so I can correct them. I’d be delighted if you use the pattern for the Knit for Peace appeal (the hat and blanket in particular seem to fit what they are looking for) or similar charitable causes, but if you make it for personal use that’s fine too, just please respect my copyright and don’t reproduce/sell it elsewhere.

Snug as a Bug
Image copyright Practical Publishing


The pram sleeping bag starts with a stretchy mitred neckline that means the baby can be placed in the bag feet-first from the top. Stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch stripes are used in the round for the rest of the bag, including the optional harness slot.The hat is knit in the round and both the base of the bag and the top of the hat are joined using grafting. The blanket is a simple mitred square.


Yarn used Wendy Aran with Wool 1 ball in Dolly Mix (706)
About the yarn Aran; 800m per 400g ball; 75% Acrylic 25% Wool- I would guesstimate that in other aran weight yarn you could probably make all three items with around 500m.
Tension 26 rows and 19 st= 10cm/ 4 in St st on 4mm needles
Needles used 4mm x 60cm circular needle, plus additional 4.5mm needle for 3 needle bind off.
Other supplies Stitch markers
Sizing One- to fit approx. 3-6 month old baby
Abbreviations 1×1 rib: K1, p1 ribbing

Beg: beginning

CO: cast on

K: knit

Kfb: Knit one through the front then through the back (same stitch)

K2tog: Knit two together

Rep: Repeat

Rm: Remove marker

Sm: slip marker

St: stitch

St st: Stocking stitch

Tbl: Through back loop


Pattern Instructions

Baby Bag

Cast on 68 st, join to work in the round and pm for start of round.

Set up round: *Work in 1×1 rib for 20 st, pm, work in 1×1 rib for 14 st, pm, rep from * to end.

Round 1: Work in 1X1 rib as set, slipping all markers.

Round 2:*Kfb, rib to 1 before marker, kfb, sm, repeat from * to end of round. 76 st

Repeat these two rounds until there are 108 st in total.

Cast off for armholes: Keeping beg of round marker in place, cast off 30 st, rm, rib to next marker, rm, cast off 30 st, rm, rib to end. 48 st.

Cast on for armholes: CO 10 st using backwards loop, rib as set across 24 st, cast on 10 using backwards loop, rib as set to end of round. 68 st

Next round: [K10, rib as set for 24st] twice.

Repeat this round 5 more times.

Next round: *K1, kfb, rep from * to end of round. 104 st

*Knit 10 rounds

Purl 10 rounds

Repeat from * 3 times more.

Optional harness slot round 1: K20, cast off 12, k40, cast off 12, k20 (80st)

Optional harness slot round 2: Knit to first cast off section, cast on 12 using backwards loop, knit to second cast off section, cast on 12 using backwards loop, knit to end of round.

Knit 8 rounds. Purl 10 rounds.

*Knit 10 rounds. Purl 10 rounds. Repeat from * twice more.

Divide stitches evenly between the two needle ends, hold parallel and use 3 needle bind off (see below) to graft stitches together.

Stitch front and back harness slots together, joining cast on edges and cast off edges.

Weave in all ends.


Cast on 60 st, join to work in the round and pm to mark start.

Work 5 rounds in 1×1 rib.

*Knit 5 rounds. Purl 5 rounds. Repeat from * 4 times.

Knit 5 rounds. Divide stitches evenly between the two needle ends, hold parallel and use 3 needle bind off to graft stitches together.

Make two small pompoms and attach to the points at the top of the hat.

Weave in all ends.


Cast on 160 st, placing marker after 80 st.

Row 1: K to 2 st before marker, k2tog tbl, sm, k2tog, k to end. 158 st

Row 2: K all st.

Repeat these two rows until 2 st remain. K2tog and fasten off.

Weave in all ends.

Three needle bind off:

Place first half of stitches in round on one needle tip and the second half on the other. Place needle tips next to each other so that needles are held parallel. Put a third needle knitwise through the first stitch on the front needle and similarly through the first stitch on the back needle, then knit these two stitches as if they are one. Repeat with the next pair of stitches, then bring the first stitch on the third needle over the second and off. Knit the next pair of front needle and back needle stitches together, then bring the first stitch on the third needle over and off as before. Repeat until all stitches are bound off, break yarn and pass through the remaining stitch

Hints and tips

The slot for the buggy strap is helpful as most buggies and car seats have a five-point harness which includes one strap that sits between baby’s legs. The slot means it can be put in place without bunching up the bottom of the bag. If you’d prefer to leave it out for a more traditional ‘kick bag’ then simply continue the 10 stocking stitch, 10 reverse stocking stitch pattern.

The blanket included here is small and portable, designed to cover a baby’s lap. If you want to make a bigger one, simply cast on a larger even number of stitches at the start, placing a marker at the centre point, and follow the pattern as set.




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